Speaker Covers

Our covers are made of durable Cordura – the stuff backpacks are made of – and are lined with pressed Nylon fiber carpet. This is the same felt-like carpet some speakers are covered with and provides for strong impact protection. Unlike foam or padding, the carpet will not crumble or clump over time. It is significantly more resistant to the elements and the stress of transportation.

For the parts of your gear that need a little more protection, a pocket can be added where you insert your own sheet of plastic or wood. The pocket closes with Velcro, making it the ideal solution to prevent kicked-in front grills.

All our covers are made to order and to your specifications. They are sewn with care and attention to detail resulting in a great fit that is easy to slip-on.


    • Handle Cutouts
    • Belts
    • Double Carpet Lining
    • Protective Sheeting Pocket
    • Connector Access Flap
    • And others